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Is Displaying Clocks in the House Bad ?

howing clocks in the house is not bad feng shui. Knowing the time and adjusting our pace accordingly is part of the day by day routine. There are truly some higher feng shui locations than others to show clocks, and there are also feng shui areas where showing clocks is not counseled.

Feng shui guidelines for showing clocks in your own home

Right feng shui areas to freely show the clocks are the kitchen, the living room, and/or the house workplace. Having a small clock on your infant’s room is good feng shui, as it allows them recognize the passing of time, and having a small alarm clock to your bed room is nearly a need! Be aware of having a small alarm clock that can be effortlessly tucked away.

Pick out a battery-operated alarm clock versus an electric one as a way to guard your health, due to the fact even the handiest electric alarm clocks will emit excessive emf fields which are dangerous in your health while you sleep.

Do no longer show massive clocks or numerous exclusive clocks in your bed room. The bed room is the area for absolute relaxation, the location where time “slows down”, so to speak, and it needs to be ruled with the aid of a extraordinary clock – your own body clock.

When you have a group of clocks you want to display – hanging clocks, cuckoo clocks, and many others – you could pick out a dwelling room wall for this display, or show them gallery style in a hallway.

Do now not show clocks so that you can see them first thing as you input the house.
Do now not display metallic clocks within the east, the health & family region of the residence.
As a long way as the giving clocks as a present, it’s miles only taken into consideration terrible, or inauspicious, feng shui if a more youthful man or woman offers it as a present to an older individual. Taking into consideration the essence of clocks – measuring the passing of time – it’s miles a reminder of having older, therefore it is probably considered a horrific feng shui gift.

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